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World Rabies Day

Road map for the combat of zoonoses in India

World Rabies Day
September 8th, 2007
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VPH Activities in AP

The Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme at Help in Suffering, Jaipur.



We the undersigned persons have formed into an association and responsible to run the affairs of the Society and desirous getting the society registered under the public societies registration act, 1350 F


Membership of the association is open to those who subscribe and agree to the aims and objectives of the association


Annual subscription of Rs 100/- has to be paid as membership fee

Life members

A one-time subscription of Rs 1,000/- has to be paid. Such members shall be eligible to suffix their name with MVPHA

Founder members

The members who sponsored and founded the association along with the life members on the date of registration and the editor shall be the founder members

Honorary members

Persons of distinction shall be inducted at the discretion of the office bearers and Fellows. They shall be treated on par with life members and need not pay subscription

Corporate members

Any organization that donates a sum of Rs 10,000/- on one time basis shall become corporate member


Fellowship of the association is an honor conferred on the senior life members after completing at least five years standing in the association, Application for a the award of fellowship has to be made duly proposed and seconded by the office bearers or fellows. The founder members shall become fellows with effect from the date of registration of the association. The fellows shall be eligible to suffix their name with FVPHA

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